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In a landscape with illegal online job opportunities, it’s nice to know that there are a few genuine internet side hustles and busts you can pursue and gain a healthy side profit. The testing of website is one such hustle. So if you have never tried it, it is a good time to find out what it is – what you can do and who will be paying you to get started.

Turns Out, Testing Websites Can Be a Lucrative Side Hustle.

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Website Testing

Website testing is an easy way to access and analyze the brand website as a way of providing feedback on its functionality and appeal for people without direct links to a company. Website testing is a simple concept.

Website testing is of unprecedented importance on our marketplace today, where websites have an essential role in reaching, engaging, and converting online customers – both small and larger brands. A website can not be enough – the site needs to be optimized so that it fosters positive brand associations and profitable conversions are ultimately driven.

Looking at how much time and money brands spend in Web development, it becomes obvious that they take testing so seriously.

Although each situation is different, here is an overview of some Digital.com expense for creating a custom website:

  • Small-Busy Web: $2,000 to $8,000
  • Medium-Sized Website: $10,000 to $25,000
  • The platform for Ecommerce: $5,000 to $40,000
  • Larger-Business Web: $25,000 to $40,000

And that’s only the cost of getting a site up and running. Incurrent expenses reach thousands of dollars a month if there are additional costs — like domain name, SSL licenses, internet maintenance, content management systems, continuing web design and marketing and optimization.

If a company invests in a platform, it wants to guarantee that it operates. You have several ways to assess how well a website performs, but the simple, unscreen essence of user testing does not change by anything.

How Much Can You Make From Website Testing?

Let’s be explicit on one thing. In this capacity at least you won’t get rich testing websites. Website testing is not supposed to be your full-time job for an overwhelming majority of people and will not substitute your entire income. But it can boost your salary and give you a little extra money for the weekend or the next holiday without making all your funds depleted.

Besides, most website testing companies can pay you $10 per website you test on. You may get $15 to $25, but these are exceptional, and typically only seasoned guests are given.

Usually, an online test session takes 15 to 30 minutes, but a few can be completed in around 10 minutes.

Finding Test Jobs

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Website testing opportunities in most situations are distributed via e-mail or online platform to users, and the test has to be “claimed” for them to enter. It can be harder to get test jobs with some firms depending on the number of users vying for incentives.

You probably only have to make one or two claims successfully if you receive five offers per day, and you have to take action fast. An additional $10 can add up each day. You may realistically expect to make an estimated $200 a month if you check five Web sites at that pace every week. Not bad, right?

Internet Platforms

All right, so now that you know what assessments are on the internet and that you want it, let’s look at a few businesses that are paid to do it. There are more than a hundred Web sites, but here are some of the biggest:


UserTesting is one of the best companies in the industry. Brands such as Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, eBay, and Yahoo use this service to regularly test their websites, the new feature updates and thousands of others by the company (and by its domain testers).You get $10 per 20-minute video from the user testing hand, through PayPal. Typically, you will access a website or app, execute a variety of various tasks, and share your thoughts aloud while you browse sites and assess the user experience of the platform.

UserTesting is honest and transparent. The service is fantastic. You will be the first to tell you that you will not be wealthy on their platform, but they offer a lot of possibilities. Based upon community and service standards, the number of opportunities available to a particular user.


Userlytics is another very simple and honest company to work with. They are one of the few companies to apply for testing that doesn’t require an audition, and it’s open to anyone from any region.

The potential downside is that you will be captured through footage, which uncomfortably for certain people. Another aspect is that you only get paid if the end-customer positively scores the test. This means that you can do some 20  minutes training sessions, obey all the guidelines, then not get paid. It’s not very much happening, but it does happen.


WhatUsersdo is special in that the company pays you, before a website goes live, to test it first. That means that you have an opportunity to be among the first people to use the website and give valuable feedback which goes into the pre-start planning of the company.

Maybe the best thing about whatUsersDo is that you can easily get started, and there are many opportunities. The problem is that they have a comprehensive screening process so that you can apply for only a few of the testing possibilities. If you are approved, the testing process is easy and payments are made on the 25th of every month via PayPal.


It does not compass of all the bells and whistles compared to some of the other platforms, but StartUpLift does what they claim they do. They pay $5 per “feedback” and automatically allows users to get in. Just because you get accepted, though, that doesn’t mean you’ll get opportunities right away. The platform seems to get flooded with feedbacks and you might need to wait for a chance in a line.


When it comes to website testing, TryMyUI is one of the most reputable companies, but it also requires users to do their bit to get compensated. Not acknowledging half-hearted attempts or hasty reviews.

TryMyUI pays out $10 every 20-minute testing session and allows you to document yourself via video and audio, while also offering written responses to a brief wrap-up survey. You should hope to get a few chances every week.


Enroll is not quite on the stage as some of the other website testing firms mentioned here are, but it’s recommendable. It’s a low-hassle, low-paying opportunity certain people will find enjoyable and others will not see the time investment as a worthwhile reward.

Here are Some Ideas and Advice to Make the Most of Your Experience:

Take the Assessment Seriously

Every organization would, except a few, ask you to go through what they consider an “audition” before you can get paid to test sites for their customers. You may be inclined to rush through it but treat these auditions seriously and you will have a far stronger chance to qualify.

Sign up for Several Sites

While you will eventually sign up for multiple test sites to focus on a service you like the most. This ensures more job incentives throughout the week.

Be Fast to Respond

Many companies give testers first-come, first-served incentives. Once you see a bid that you are interested in taking, accept it fast. Most testers would consider for a few minutes, only to find out that somebody else has beaten them to the punch.

Don’t Hurry the Actual Testing

Because you get paid for every test session, it’s normal that you want to do it as soon as possible. Don’t hurry the testing process though. The more you have efficiency tests, the more often you will get additional opportunities.

Don’t Exaggerate Anticipations

Ultimately, don’t exaggerate anticipations or you’ll end up frustrated. You won’t make $2,000 a month to test websites through those marketplaces. But, if you’re creative and concentrated, you might earn $200 (or more) at the side. Ideally, the goals should be just $20 to $30 a week, unless you have a considerable amount of time to devote to this side hustle.

Website testing is, in all probability, something you’ll do for a couple of months before seeking out other opportunities to increase your profits. It’s not a viable career or even one that is going to pay for all the bills. It can be a fun, stress-free way to make extra cash from your living room.

Make Money Online the Right Way

If you’re looking for ways to make money online, and don’t want to go through a lot of scams. Luckily, testing websites is a legitimate chance.

The trick is to do your homework and to do some real work. In the long run, you will be able to make a pay off for your patience and your readiness to offer quality feedback and earn something from the side.

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