How to Use Your Skills to Start a Consulting Company

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Turn your knowledge and expertise into a lucrative side hustle. You can use your skills to start-up a consulting company without much stress.

We all hit a point in our careers where we begin to get questions about our experience or expertise. You could have been asked if you would do someone a favor and “look it over.” Or maybe someone has asked if they could pay you for a consultation session. Perhaps you’ve tapped into a new way of designing marketing campaigns or performing market research that many people might like to hear about. Whatever your experience is, to provide consultancy services is likely to have you felt the pull at one time or another.

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Here’s how to get your skills in the market and do exactly that:

Comprehend Your Special Experience, then Sell it at no Price

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Of course, the first step towards beginning a side hustle of consulting is realizing what you have to give. This may be based on experiences you’ve had or a specialized field that you’ve researched extensively. Depending on your credibility in the industry you can go out there and start selling sessions immediately. But, if you have good feedback on what you’ve done with businesses and individuals in the past, you’ll have more luck in sales calls and in marketing yourself.

So, commit to working with 2-3 firms at first free of charge. This will give you a good idea of your business style, and there is a big difference between being able to say, “I can help you raise your profit margin” versus “I’ve helped two businesses boost their profit margin.” Potential clients want to know from how you’ve worked in the past. Offering free work is also a perfect way to “meet and spend time with powerful people in your industry.” Get out there and show them what you’ve got to offer!

Create an Offer and Payment Strategy

When you’ve got some experience under your belt, make a sensible offer. Choosing a price is so important and also to know exactly what you can do for businesses or individuals. When you’re helping businesses hit six figures in your first six months, it’s fair to charge a higher price tag than just “help businesses get profitable quickly.” Telling potential customers realistic estimates of revenue growth let them understand the full picture of what your investment is in you, and what it’s going to reward them with.

Then, find out how you are going to provide consultation on a retainer or only on one-off sessions. Both have differing purposes. When you’ve got one key identity campaign session for companies, that could be just a two-hour immersive meeting at a fixed price. Yet if you reach them with a longer-term plan and go with them into the trenches, a retainer would be more suited. Typically the consultancy services go on retainer.

Create Materials that will Promote Your Consultancy Business

It is necessary to list all numbers relevant to your consulting promises somewhere; preferably on a funnel or landing page. Create the exact details of what your consulting services entail, including hours spent in 1:1 meetings, including resources, and what the prospective client may expect to learn from you. The more measurable you can be, the stronger. Make sure your pain points are written down and you rely heavily on previous experiences for credibility.

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Engage in Marketing Materials

Finally, note that the best way to expose your experience to your online audiences is to release information that is consistent with what you are working on. This type of content is also referred to as “top of the funnel content,” and will give potential customers a taste of your style and ideas, thus building trust. To want to recruit you, they have to see your clear skills.

Will you want to consult on social media? Share such tips on social media weekly. This will begin to suit your brand over time and cater to your audience. If you feel you are out of material, you should ask your audience what they are battling with. The more you will begin to solve their issues the more they will see you as the pioneer in the industry.

In time, you’ll have ample case studies and empirical proof to broaden your consulting company beyond a side hustle as you continue to attract clients and help them out. You have something to say, and a way to help companies or entrepreneurs; get out there and show them!

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