9 Most Rewarding Online Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

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lucrative businesses you can start

I’m here to introduce you to how to start online business in Nigeria – the lucrative online businesses you can venture into today in Nigeria and make lots of cash. Such opportunities are like no other, they are becoming real and are so genuine as they have ever been.

We also work to make money, because it takes money to live a comfortable life and satisfy our wishes.

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How to Start Online Business

how to start online business

There are many opportunities available today to build a career that makes it possible to work at home, which does not require a huge investment in money.

It’s only right for people to try and want to learn how to make a living from home. All men and women benefit from these opportunities, which are also suitable for students or mothers. They can make money to cover their daily expenses or they can contribute to the family in addition to taking care of their families and children.

Most of these businesses I will mention are what I have done and still doing to make money every day.

I will show you the businesses and point you in the right direction to start your own too.

Below are the opportunities, requirements, and steps on how to start:

Start Blogging

If you’re thinking online businesses in Nigeria now, blogging is a good way to mark yourself as an internet specialist and thus get more work or close more business deals. I’ve got two blogs, and my forums have always been my platform to get a job. I work from home, and I’m never going to have to look for jobs again.


  • There should be a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • Create a blog on your favorite topic.
  • Have a desire to learn – start by having a blogging mentor and learn his business model. I know this is not popular but it will save you time, why spend years on trial and error? Learn their mistakes and fast-track success.

How to start

Starting a Blog has never been easier today, you don’t have to offer a web developer all your money to get one, learn how to build your blog, and start getting free online mastering courses.

Be a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of today’s best ways to make money online and one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing online businesses.

This work involves creating valuable content for individuals or companies who don’t have the resources to do it themselves.

Just like any other business, starting with a revenue stream is not going to be very good, and you can feel like you’ve spent time and effort, and you can’t make the right profits, it’s simple, it’s going to take time for you to build trust and experience. But once you’re experienced, you can make a good profit with more work.

You can write for websites, write articles, blogs, white papers, e-books, sales letters, etc. You can write for magazines and newspapers as well. In other words, if you have a passion for writing and you prove to be honest, you can start looking for freelance jobs, write and make money.


  • There should be a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • A sample of some original writing you wrote.
  • You must have complete confidence in your English language and grammar skills.
  • At the time of freelance writing, you should be strong enough and committed.
  • You should be strong enough to accept rejection or criticism in your belief because writing is very subjective, a person likes your writing, while others do not.

How to start

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  • Contact any local business you think might need your services.
  • Check for places that employ freelancers, bookmark them, and take advantage of any chance.
  • Have a blog to demonstrate your writing skills – that’s how you gain reputation easily.

Set up a Youtube Channel

Think of any video that people enjoy watching. Act very well on this. Write files, build and upload videos. If your material is breathless, you’ll certainly hit the jackpot–it can only take a little while.

The number of video uploaders on Youtube is steadily increasing. So if you can show something special to viewers, you can potentially make a good profit from showing video ads and other business models that YouTubers use – selling an eBook, course, affiliate marketing, etc.


  • Any device with a good internet connection
  • A recording device, you may not need a DSLR camera at start, you have a decent recording using your phone.

How to start

  • Go to YouTube, sign up with a Gmail account, then create a channel and start uploading videos. This is an online business that a lot of people are curious to see how easy it is to make a video viral.

Be an Affiliate Marketer

You will market other people’s products and services on your blog/website, and some people use their social media resources to do this. With this, it’s easy to start earning money online by selecting and enrolling in some strong affiliate programs around.

You can read all about affiliate marketing, see some good programs that you can take advantage of. This can be simple, but like blogging, affiliate marketing takes time and some correct strategic plans need to be made, but it’s one of those online businesses in Nigeria that I can’t fail to note.


  • There should be a monitor, a tablet or a phone with a good internet connection.
  • View other people’s products/services by developing a similar website for your favorite subject.
  • Use effective SEO strategies to enhance the job.

How to start

I found this post on affiliate marketing quite interesting: Top Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria. Here you will learn about the best available affiliate programs and how to benefit from them.

Home/Online Tutor

You can boost your skills and earnings by teaching at home or by offering online courses. This is a great way to get money from your home, so you can spend some time teaching people who are willing to learn if you trust you can teach something you have learned. Currently, online learning is learning’s future.  Similarly, you can start home-learning with social media for students in your town.


  • A monitor or laptop should be equipped with a good internet connection.
  • Continue searching for an online teacher’s position on various websites offering online courses.
  • To study at home, you only need a room in your home with a bed, blackboard and some chairs to fit just 5-6 students.
  • Start the tutorial courses early and if you have good learning abilities, you will be able to teach as many students as you can.

How to start

You can register your services with a website like Tuteria.com, or create an online site (you can sort for the help of a website designer here) and host your classes.

Be a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants offer support resources to organizations or firms that need such facilities, but for some reason do not want human employees. Businesses and corporations are now giving preference to Freelancer Employees instead of full-time recruiting to complete a project. They’re cutting costs by doing this. Virtual assistant jobs may include data entry, project management, etc.


  • You need to have good communication skills, MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint basics.
  • You must have the ability to multitask to deal with many clients.
  • No special credentials are needed for this job. Nevertheless, you should invest in the qualification and training program for industry reputation.

How to start

  • To find a job, you can go to LinkedIn on Job Listings, Career Sites and Freelancer Sites like UpWork.com and Freelancer.com. As experience grows, you can build your website and market your work through social media to expand the network.

Social Media Manager

The magic of social media today can not be left unmentioned. With the rapid growth of online advertising and marketing, there is a rising demand for people who can handle the company’s social media presence. To add to the content on the company’s social media sites, there is much more work involved in the production of social media.


  •  Developing an Online Marketing Strategy for Social Media Management
  • Tracking the Impact of Social Media Using Analytics Tools
  • Researching Target Audiences by Analyzing Data Points, Managing Social Media Campaigns and Ads
  • Updates in Marketing Strategy to Improve Trends

Working tips

The world of social media is constantly changing. Therefore, constantly develop your communication skills to get a step by step from other channels. I’m going to advise anyone who decides to do this to take every Social Media Marketing course. You should search on Udemy.com for any of them.

Web Designer

web design

Digital marketing is a new trend that every company out there is getting to know–the internet is where most people send the content of their time, and companies need to adapt marketing strategies to reflect this transition. The website is at the center of a reliable online presence, which is why there is a huge demand for websites today and, as such, high on the list of online businesses in Nigeria.

I easily raise lots of money by designing websites in Nigeria.

There are days when the construction of a website involves coding and solid programming. Now, with a click of a button and a drag-and-drop feature, you can create a website and make it live within 5 minutes.


  • A decent laptop or notebook with good internet access.
  • Mastering WordPress or any other content management program out there.

How to get started

You can start your web design company in Nigeria by taking some online training. I can give you an intensive coaching session where I will show you how to build any kind of website without writing any piece of code – contact me.

Digital Marketing/SEO

Search engine optimization is a new challenge for website owners and content creators. This challenge will allow you to identify keywords that can be used in information search engines such as Google to improve the search ranking of a website. Several companies are currently hiring SEO professionals for their website.

In reality, this is one of the most recent online money-making opportunities in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Digital marketing is increasingly becoming a new trend and quickly gaining popularity in Nigeria, so you might want to get educated and start using that skill to make money online from the comfort of your home.


  • A desktop or laptop should be equipped with a good internet connection.
  • Take a course on digital marketing.
  • Use appropriate SEO strategies to enhance the job.
  • Start a blog or newsletter and get feedback before the resources are made. I’ve practiced digital marketing and SEO mainly through my blog, I’ve never had to pay anybody.

How to proceed

  • If you have some cash to spend, you might want to take a digital marketing course.
  • You can also get this free digital marketing course from Google.


There are a lot of online companies in Nigeria today, some not worth time and dedication, while some do. All you need to do is play around with the lucrative companies online and start earning money from home. This has been done by a lot of people, you too can. I happily earn a decent income working from my home office doing online business in Nigeria.

Start any lucrative online businesses and start earning a living.

If you have any business you’ve done online that makes you pretty good, why not include that in the comment section below, I’ll always love to learn.

I wish u well!

Ivan Udofia

Ivan Udofia is a passionate blogger and entrepreneur ready to impact knowledge on people on ways to generate extra revenue either via freelancing or entrepreneurship.


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